Prague – Desserts

Hello there !

Time for the sweets report following Prague trip. PART II.

PART I – Vegetarian & vegan food, can be found here.

On this part, I only post the best places for pasteries and sweets I have visited and tasted. Others I had put on my Instagram stories but weren’t good enough to be highlighted in the blog.

My husband and I like to walk all around the city discovering little streets and secret places, stoping by little coffee shops to take a break and savour local pasteries, Yummy !

There are so many coffee shops and tea saloons all over the city, different styles one another, you will definively find your style.

Prague is known for one of my favorite desserts, Trdelnik or sweet chemney cake! I love these! First time I ate one was in Vienna, and I fell in love… ❤


I’ve been eating two per day (oh yiiis). One in the morning after breakfast and another one after lunch ( dream diet)

Trdelnik vendors are all over the city, specially on the old city streets, you can choose from different toppings, like ice creams, chocolat, caramel, fruits and creams. Or original (cinnamon and sugar) or walnuts. My all the time favorite is with pistachio cream !!! OMG, taste heavenly!

As I had the chance to eat and taste from so many shops lol, I recommend the fellowing one, as I found the dough cooked as it should and the cream is delicious and house made. I’ve been taking mine from there since I tasted it and never from anywhere else.

Name: TRDELNIK – Chimney cake

Location: near to Charles bridge, the second trdenlik shop on the way to Prague castle

Croissant donuts 

It was something on my must do-list in Prague. Taste the famous donuts of Oh deer Bakery.

Small and cozy bakery with fresh baked donuts, different flavors and fillings. And a very kind owner.

Croissant dough, baked like a donuts with a donut shape.

Special shoutout to : raspberry and lemon curd filling

Honey cake

Oh, the famous honey and walnuts cake… I have to say it was a struggle to find a good one… most of those I tasted were too buttery and the icing was way too heavy…

I was recommended to taste the honey cake at the Grand Cafe Orient. Unfortunately, the excitement fell out once I tasted the cake. Not as expected at all, strong tick butter cream that tasted more like butter than a cream and took over the honey in the cake…

Surprisenly, while I was searching for other places to taste a good one, I read on some web article about how good Tesco honey cake was ! Hahaha yes yes. Your read it right 🙂

Lucky I had a Tesco 15mins walk from my hotel and first thing I did the next morning? Go and buy my cake !

I never thought that someday i will say this, but that packed honey cake tasted better than at least 5 coffee shops honey cakes. Thank you internet.

Chocolate cake

I had mine at Herbivor. Chocolat strawberry vegan cake. The vegan option was a must as I was fed up with all the butter cream tasting during my search for the ultimate honey cake.

Moist, not too sweet and delicious.

We also had there BCB combo (banana bread, peanuts butter and hot cocoa) a WIN

Cinnamon buns

My husband and I ritual after breakfast, visiting Artic bakehous and have one of their delicious pasteries.

Cinnamon bun with cream cheese frosting. So yummy

Gingerbread cookies

Winter and Christmas spirit for a rainy wold day. What’s better than the Gingerbread museum for that ? Different cookies options and format and icing.

Took some as souvenirs and others were devoured right away Haa !

Hope you have enjoyed this post. For any other recommandation, do not hesitate to share on comment and share the Love <3.

Love, Mariam


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