Prague – Vegetarian & Vegan food

Hi there !

Those of you who follow me on Instagram @M_Frehley, know how much I love to food travel !

I’m pescatarian and my choices are limited to (fish, seafood) , vegetarian and vegan options.

During my search for new yummy places in Prague, I’ve discovered a new selfservice concept. Weight buffets !

You choose what you would like to eat from the buffet, the check person will weight your plate, and you pay. First time for me, and sure not the last.

In this article, I will list you the places I liked eaten at, we had breakfast at the hotel so the list below will have places we took lunch or diner at, starting with the best at my opinion.

Herbivore (@herbivore_shop):

À cute concept store where you can shop and also eat vegan food. Organic, local and fresh food.

Calm place and cozy for a coffee break. English spoken service.

Buffet style offering with variety of choices as the soup of the day, rice, salades, avocado toasts, wraps, houmous…

Desserts are seperated from the buffet with a price tag per cake.

Smoothies, açaí, granola bowls are on the menus too.

Price: 39,90/100g ~ 1,56/100g

Food was good, delicious. Quality wins and the price is peanuts.

Beas Vegetarian Dhaba (@dhababeas)

If you like curry and spices. This place is for you. A weight buffet too, with different Indian, pakistanese options (tofu curry, vegetables curry, noodles, rice, fried soya meat, naans…

Price: 19,90/100g ~ 0,78€/100g

Food was delicious., As I don’t eat fried food, I only had veggies noodles with curry veggies and curry chickpeas. Best quality/price win so far.)

Artic Bakehaus (@Artic_Bakehaus)

Bakery that was closeclosed to the hotel we stayed at. Delicious viennoiseries and cinnamon buns (more details on the dessert blog poste coming soon). But also, delicious grilled sandwiches !

House made bread, great seasoning, my husband loved the spicy tuna (Jalapeño, Tuna, chilli, pesto, red onion), I had on my side, cheese grilled sandwich (red pesto, cream cheese and cheddar)

Different hot and cold drinks (lattés, chai, coffee, tea…)

Prices 80-100czk/sandwich ~ 3,20-3,90€

We loved it !

Coffee and Waffles (@coffeeandwafflescz)

I missed waffles. Decided to have some for late lunch.

Different waffles options, sweet andor salty.

I like when you can have topping choicechoices. I have asked to have poached eggs instead of fried eggs, extra avocado and roasted mashroom.

What I didn’t like However, was the waffle texture unfortunately, I like mine consistent not too airy… theirs is too light, squashes easily and not consistent at all…

Different drinks options, I had the housemade limonade, sour and sweet as it should.

Prices on the menus below. Depending on your choice and extra toppings.

Mr.HotDog (@mr.hotdogprague)

Vegan HotdogsHotdog! You heard it right!

Tofu based hotdog, limited to two options,:

– Nude Hotdog: buttered bread with tofu Hotdog, you can add free toppings at the counter ( Peppers and pickles, diced onion, ketchup and mustard)

– with toppings: buttered bread, hotdog, cheese, onions and, pickles.

Fries with different sauce options, the hot one is really hot.

We also took their house made limonade, that was really good.

Prices on the menus.

Prasad (@restaurace_prasad_praha)

Vegetarian restaurant located in Prague 6. Same as other full vegan vegetarian restaurant, buffet style offering and weight price.

The service person I had was very helpful explaining the concept to me. He instited on the fact that the food is “very healthy” and home made. Large range of food choice, going from soups, falafels, salades, gratins to salades and desserts

unfortunately, I found the food too greasy… grilled vegetables were too oily they were shinning bright. Yep, way not healthy 😦

Prices 19.90/100g ~ 0,78€/100g

Other options we didn’t have time to try but worth a detour:

  • Plevel_restaurant (@plevel_restaurant) – full vegan/ vegetarian
  • Estrella restaurant (@estrellarestaurant) – full vegan/ vegetarian
  • Etnosvet (@etnovet) – full vegan/ vegetarian
  • Vegtral restaurace (@vegtral_restaurace) – full vegan/ vegetarian
  • Satsang (@satsangrestaurant) – full vegan/vegetarian
  • Homekitchen (@homekitchenbistro) – vegan/vegetarian options
  • The Tavern Praha (@thetravernpraha) – vegan/vegetarian options

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