My keto journey

Good morning beautiful people 🌝

Finally the so waited for post is here: Why did I choose to stop sugar, then going low carb 🙏🏻.

For those following me for a while now, know how much I used to love sweets…I rather spend the day eating 💯 sweet food (cakes, cookies..) then eating savory salted food. Yep!

things have changed the last few years (5years I think), when I have decided to get things on hand and limit my sugar consumption, starting by cutting out bread (having it from time to time, like once or twice a week instead of everyday). Only eat refined sugar free pasteries (that’s where my pasteries journey started from), only eats outside delicacies that are worth the sugar ! (It must be really good).

This situation lasted for years, until one day, around a cup of matcha discussion with a dear friend about Alzheimer’s and diabetes and how todays food is having a major role causing it. Staring the champion of them all : sugar !

This made me wonder as that year (2018) I have decided to eliminate from my life anything that brings negativity (from people to things.. well, I’ve tried) still missed that one thing : sugar !

That’s where I have decided to go for a 6 month sugar detox where I cut out everything sweet except naturally sweet fruits/vegetables and liquids (little honey). The struggle was real, as I used to eat out a lot and had to read every food label 🏷, asking in the counter of coffee shops if their oat milk or coconut milk is sweet or not… no sweet soya sauce on my sushi please… I have to admit, it wasn’t easy to socialize back then at all… then I discovered @maisonplumepatisserie, @sunbakes_fr, @lesbellesenvies and & @caveandcoconut, thanks to these, I could made my self “Happy”. They were my savers during stressful & lack of time to prepare anything at home days.

The challenge ended, things got to normal where I could cheat again from time to time and have fun out…but I wasn’t feeling ok… felt like, what the point to workout, meditate, try to live good and be healthy if I’m still addicted to sweetness… replacing a regular chocolate cake by a sugar free version isn’t helping with my cravings as I still need to feed myself something sweet to feel satisfied. Also, in 2018 I had my first breakdown, as I have developed some sort of pollution allergy causing me all day long headaches and chronic sinusitis…as I strongly believe that we are what we eat, this made me think more about my health, my choices in life…

With more and more reading, research and medical analysis, turnout ( thanks genetics ) I’m highly in risk for diabetes t2 due to insuline resistance. I was having food comas right after heavy carbs meals as I couldn’t control my sleeping attacks even at work! I remember when Adam was a baby and I had one after a brunch and asked mum to take Adam from my hands as I could sleep uncontrollably…

Last year, right after my summer break in Auguste, a decision was made. Going low carb and high fat (good fat my body needs ), and keeping my load of veggies going. No fruits (except a handful of berries as they are less sweet), no flours (except coconut, flaxseeds and almonds), no grains, no beans, no Bubble tea… no honey, no marple syrup, no potatos, no carrots, starchy vegetables, bread, no rice nor quinoa…

Honestly, the first two weeks were a bit hard, resisting my sweet urges, felt a bit of fatigue too. My body needed time to adjust to my new way of life. Electrolytes helped, drinking a lot of water too. Then, surprisingly I started feeling good again. No mood rollercoaster, no food comas after my meals and brunches. The more good fat and protein I ate the less sugar and carbs craving I was having and yeah, I felt good.

It’s been now more than five months since I’m Ketogenic (state where body burns fat (ketones) instead of glucose to generate energy), I still eat a lot lol, nothing has changed, I workout as before too. I do permit my self when I feel like it (no pression) to have a homemade dessert using Erythrithol or monk fruits sugar (Glycemic index =0) when I feel like it 🙂

My journey is still at its beginning and as always the best is ahead.

I think this is a enough as a journey resume. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions :).

Love all,



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