Anti-poux Essentiel oils mix for kids // Repulsif anti-poux pour enfants +3ans

+3Yo kids only

I’ve been using this receipe since septembre. I wont say it’s effecient, but so far so good 🙂

knowing most working anti-lice shampoos and traitements are based on Essentiel oils today. So why not try it homemade !

(NB the Essentials oils names on the receipe are french as i dont know the exact name in English, and better not mess with)


  • Lavande officinale EO
  • Romarin Ă  cinĂ©ole EO
  • Romarin Ă  camphre EO
  • Genevrier commun EO
  • GĂ©ranium rosat EO


Add 3 drops with the shampoo, and wash hair as usual.

Add 2 drops directly on the scalp and massage it before school

Happy Anti-poux All !



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